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Small Business Consultancy Services

Sherri Corrie is a small business consultant providing management and administration, marketing and communications, as well as academic and organizational research support.

Sherri works primarily with small business owners who are successful at what they do - they are specialists in their fields. Many, however, are not specialists at running a small business, or are simply too busy to get those "important but not urgent" projects completed (like creating a web site, writing a proposal, planning an event, conducting research, evaluating a program, training staff, etc).

If you are a new business owner, or already have a "to do" list that isn't getting done, Sherri can assist you in setting up your business, solving a problem, and completing any type of small business project.

Sherri uses her background, knowledge of the issues, extensive experience in completing a broad range of projects, and network to help your business succeed.

Email Sherri to discuss your small business needs.

E: sherri@corrie-consulting.com

"... Efficient, effective, creative, organized, professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with..."
(Colette Anderson, Stategic Planner, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada)

"Sherri is an integral part of our team without ever using any of our office space!"
(Kim Mackie, Owner, SelfCare Home Health Products Ltd.)