Corrie Consulting Areas of Specialty

Sherri Corrie assists small business clients in the areas of management, administration, marketing & communications, and research. The following are examples of projects completed.


  • Developing your business - from creating a new business to improving your existing one
  • Evaluating your programs, projects & events - conducting and analyzing surveys, critiquing existing offerings
  • Designing or improving your operational and administrative policies, processes & procedures
  • Proposal writing - in response to a Request for Proposal or new initiatives


  • Performing your administrative, data analysis, and data management tasks
  • Training your staff - computer programs such as Microsoft Office
  • Coordinating your conferences & workshops

Marketing and Communications

  • Creating a full range of marketing tools, from logo design to business cards and letterhead, through to website launching
  • Writing and reviewing your marketing & communication plans, newsletters, informational and promotional documents, as well as websites
  • Implementing your marketing and communication action plans
  • Writing / editing


  • Performing academic research, including literature reviews, survey writing, administration and analysis, data management and writing / editing
  • Completing organizational research, including competitor analysis, sourcing suppliers, building databases, as well as survey writing, administration and analysis

"Sherri is a tremendous asset to our team. Always innovative, proactive, detailed, and ahead of schedule." (Sarah Lowis, President, Sea to Sky Meeting Management Inc.)