Corrie Consulting Clients

Sherri Corrie has enjoyed working with clients from the public and private sectors, and from several industries.

Small Business Clients

Event Management Industry Clients

Education / Training Industry Clients

Government Sector Clients

"Sherri handles a multiple range of projects for SelfCare - from those that she completes on her own, to projects where she co-ordinates multiple contractors and SelfCare emloyees to ensure the project is successfully completed. In a very short time, she understood our business and our customers, and helps us achieve a more professional standard and presentation. There are a number of times when I have only just emailed her a thought and she is quick to follow up and cover all the details that need to turn a sentence into a marketing message or completed project.

A business associate was telling me a new part of her business was taking longer than she anticipated to get up and running. I told her that all she needs is Sherri.

It is very difficult to find someone in an organization with such a multifaceted skill set."

(Kim Mackie, Owner, SelfCare Home Health Products Ltd.)