Project Notes


My move to Auckland

After 15 years in Vancouver, we packed our bags and moved to Auckland, New Zealand. I arrived early July to an Auckland winter day only to be touring downtown in a t-shirt. I think I am going to like the winters! A few initial comments - the coffee is really good, the people are super friendly, and I am going to wait a few more days before I start biking to ensure I stay left!


Blogging with your eyes closed

I went to a 'write lovable content' blog session this evening by Parrish Wilson, hosted by mom CEO Academy. I came away thinking about why I love what I do. The variety, the clients, the flexibility. It is all that, but deeper down it is about the little karma moments, the stuff I do for clients off the clock, like while I am walking with my daughter to school, or on my bike, or having a coffee in Edgemont, and I have an "ah ha" moment, a creative thought that would do the trick, or a listening moment when someone just needs to walk through an issue and have a sounding board.  Or playing a devils advocate (something I seem to be really good at it...) I love it when I connect a client with the person who can to do this or that, and does it perfectly.  I like the way that I respect other’s work, be it their writing, their thinking, their creative ideas – I may suggest tweaking or as one lady said tonight, “She simply dusted the vase to make it shine”. Even though I do a lot of social media posting for clients, I can certainly try to add more “lovable content” into their words. I will let you know how it goes.  P.S. I wrote this with my eyes closed, one of Parrish’s tricks. (I did clean up a few of the typos though, with my eyes open!)


Thanks to Evergreen Computers

Daily life without a computer, without easy access to your email or files... I just wish this had happened when it was still hot outside! Thanks Evergreen for bidding my very old computer goodbye and for setting up my new computer. I look forward to sharing many long years together...


In it for the long haul

My daughter just attended the Penticton Basketball Camp, for the 5th year in a row. The camp has been offered for 32 years! Fred Fedorak is at the helm, assembling an amazing team of coaches (the SFU girls coach Bruce Langford has brought his players up for the last few years!). I realize it is a bit simplistic to say this, but the camp's longevity is certainly a reflection on Mr. Fedorak. He is at the gym every day so that he gets to know the players. He greets all the parents and most likely personally thanks the school janitors for their time. Each year there are the same faces of players, and new players, even though there is more competition from other summer camps than ever. It may be a simple recipe, but it sure seems to be working!


Len Grinke, the photographer

If you are looking for a photographer in Vancouver, consider Len Grinke - - my daughter and I got some photos taken for a birthday present, and the resulting shots are amazing. We had a great time during the photo shoot too! My new photo on the home page is thanks to Len.