Project Notes


Supercharging Your Facebook Marketing by Chris Formosa

I just spent two well spent hours listening to Chris Formosa's presentation on Supercharging Your Facebook Marketing page. I use Constant Contact for several clients so appreciated the link to Constant Contact, and he had some great tips about content (e.g. using Q&As as posts), the importance of linking social media tools, and why using Facebook is important for small businesses. If you have a chance, take a few hours to tune in to one of his webinars. It was free today through Small Business BC.


HST to PST for small businesses

For those of us with very small business that are service oriented, there isn't a lot of work to do between now and April 1 to switch back to the GST/PST system. Nevertheless, it still pays to be informed. The PST in BC website is a good spot to start. They are also offering webinars on the basics. Business in Vancouver's Robert Napoli has a good FAQ article - January  1-7, 2013, pg. 16. Asking your accountant about how to manage the change is always a good idea.


Email marketing tools

Cyri Jones and Ivan Surjanovic wrote an article in December's Business in Vancouver about email marketing (10 tips on how to run a successful email marketing campaign). It is worth a read if you are a bit confused about using email versus Facebook/Twitter etc, and it also provides the usual tips on writing a good email - even if you do a lot of email marketing, it doesn't hurt to check against the top tips now and then. They list Constant Contact, AWeber, MailChimp and IContact as four online tools. I use Constant Contact for several clients, and MailChimp for one client and like them both, but find Constant Contact easier to use. MailChimp has a few more querks than Constant Contact. If I was starting a new project, I would recommend Constant Contact.


Favorite meeting spots

I love December. Everyone I know makes an extra effort to get together for coffee or lunch before the holidays. The tempo just feels a bit more relaxed... As someone who works from home, I definitely have my favorite coffee spots, depending on what the meeting is for, or if I just need the inspiration of a coffee shop noise to get some editing done!

On the North Shore, I often suggest Delaney's in Edgemont Village, as long as wireless is not needed. It can be a bit tricky getting a seat though, but the Bakehouse is always a good back up. If I need wireless, then I go to Brazza on Lonsdale or on Marine Drive. On weekends, I tend to go to Cafe Artigiano where there is always lots of great cafe noise and great coffee. A new favorite is Moja by Second Narrows, although that is more of a bike ride coffee shop than a work one (the best coffee though).

When I go downtown, I almost always suggest Mink, close to the Quay. I wish I had more meetings downtown as they have great coffee (plus you get the little chocolate on the side, always a treat).

Have a wonderful holiday.


Small Business Builder - a good resource

Cybele Negris writes an article for Business Vancouver entitled "Small-Business Builder". She consistently has great tips about social media - tools, how to, q&a etc. Her article of October 16-22, 2012 about "How you can make social media work for your business" hit the mark - simple tips like staying focused, having a plan, budgeting your time, etc. It is worth a read.