Project Notes


Gr 9 art project

North Shore Environmental Printing CompanyMy daughter's Gr 9 art project was to design a logo. When we were talking about it, she said the logo had to be, according to her teacher:

  1. simple - easy recognition
  2. memorable
  3. timeless
  4. versatile - variety of applications, from a bulletin board to a baseball cap
  5. appropriate

Their art work was being graded on the quality of the art, but also on the five points above. I thought the simplicity of the art teacher's 5 points was great. Whenever I start a new logo project, I always look around at what others have done. I think a lot of logo designers could benefit from attending a Gr 9 art class!


Writing a blog post

I write posts for several clients, about all sorts of things that I know very little about. It seems very easy to do, perhaps because I am removed from the subject material. I discuss social media with clients daily, about its importance, but also about the commitment it takes to do it well. Judging by the date of my last post, I am failing in that regard! As a typical small business owner, I am so busy doing that I'm not taking the time to reflect on this or that... Perhaps I need to hire a consultant!


Being #1 in Google

Two days after uploading a new website for a client, I am asked why the website isn't listed as #1 in Google. I get this question a lot actually, and the response isn't that straightforward. Many small business owners simply don't have the time or the budget (or the interest) to engage in all the activities that are required in order to get that #1 spot in Google. They are busy doing what they do as a business - not posting on Facebook and Twitter, writing blogs and e-newsletters, filming videos, seeking out links and directories etc etc. We talk about things that are easy to do - daily practices that allow them to include their website such as attaching an email signature that includes the website, having well designed business cards and stationery, designing vehicle decals and signage, and being visible in their local neighbourhoods. The online portion of the equation depends on how important the website is to their business, how much interest they have in being online, and what they have to say if they are online. Of course, if the website is integral to their business, the conversation gets a lot longer!


Welcome to Project Notes

Welcome to Corrie Consulting's blog "Project Notes". We will be posting about interesting projects, stuff in the news, and other random thoughts that come to mind.

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